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Welcome to ICCC X

First International Conference on Computational Creativity

Proceedings available online

You may download a pdf version from this link (47.6 Mb) - ISBN 978-989-96001-2-6

The Conference

Although it seems clear that creativity plays an important role in developing intelligent computational systems, it is less clear how to model, simulate, or evaluate creativity in such systems. In other words, it is often easier to recognize the presence and effect of creativity than to describe or prescribe it.

The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the exchange of ideas on the topic of computational creativity in a cross-disciplinary setting.  It will bring together people from AI, Cognitive Science and related areas such as Psychology, Philosophy and the Arts who research questions related to the notion of creativity as it relates to computational systems.  This focus on creativity in the context of computational systems has the potential for increasing innovation in existing fields of research as well as for defining new fields of study, including:

  1. Artificially Creative Systems: development of computational systems that produce or simulate creativity. These systems may be inspired by human creativity or by the possibilities of artificial systems beyond human capabilities.

  2. Computational Models of Human Creativity: construction of cognitive models of human creativity that can be the basis for computational creativity.

  3. Computational Systems for Supporting Creativity: production of user interfaces, interaction design, decision support, and data modeling techniques that lead to the development of intelligent assistants that support the user in being more creative.

Celebrating 10 years of Events on Computational Creativity

This conference celebrates the 10th anniversary of a series of events which, since 1999, have grown from small satellite workshops into an international conference in its own right. During this period, these symposia and workshops have acted as a focus for an active research community, have been the forum for the presentation of the newest results in computational creativity, and have given rise to special issues of journals.

List of past events:

IJWCC 2008, Madrid, Spain
AAAI 2008 Spring Symposium on Creative Intelligent Systems, Stanford, CA, USA
IJWCC 2007, London, UK (first autonomous workshop)
IJWCC 2006, Riva del Garda, Italy, ECAI'2006
IJWCC 2005, Edinburgh, UK, IJCAI'2005
IJWCC 2004, Madrid, Spain, ECCBR'2004

The IJWCC series resulted from two previous streams of symposia and workshops associated with AISB 99, AISB 00, ICCBR 01, AISB 01, ECAI 02, AISB 02, IJCAI 03, AISB 03 and LREC 04.



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Important Dates:

Late Registrations: Jan. 3, 2010

Conference: Jan. 7-9, 2010

Sponsored by:


European Coordinating Committee
for Artificial Intelligence

in Cooperation with


Association for the Advancement
of Artificial Intelligence