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Paper Submissions (closed)

Two categories of submissions are welcome: full papers and short papers. 
Full papers must be no longer than 10 pages in length, and are expected to address foundational issues and research proposals and reports, or to describe in detail current research on creative systems development and modelling. 
Short papers must be no longer than 5 pages and are expected to describe ongoing work. 
All submissions will be reviewed in terms of quality, impact and relevance to the area of computational creativity. 
All papers MUST be submitted in Springer LNCS format, which is the format required for the final camera ready copy. Authors instructions along with LaTeX and Word macro files are available on the web at 
Contributions will be subject to anonymous, blind peer review: reviewers will not be aware of the identities of the authors. This requires that authors exercise some care not to identify themselves in their contributions. Authors will receive feedback in the form of reviewers' comments. 
All submissions will be made by electronic means using the EasyChair system.

Submissions for "Show & Tell" (closed)

"Show & Tell" (S&T) is a showcase of Computational Creativity to be held in the context of ICCC-X (more information here)

Abstract submission will be done with EasyChair, just as for paper submissions.  To submit an abstract, copy the following text-based form, fill in the requested information and save it as a text file (plain text format).  In EasyChair, fill in the required fields.  Make sure to select the Show & Tell category.  Enter an appropriate title and a brief abstract.  Use "Show" and "Tell" as two separate keywords.  Finally, attach your text file and submit.
Author(s) Name(s):
Author(s) Bio(S):
Contact email:
Abstract: (Short description of the work, 350 words maximum)
Type of Contribution: (Demo, Art work, music, software, video, multimedia, installation, performance, etc)
Samples: (Pointer to site describing the work with more detail, examples of images, music, video, etc)
Requirements: (Describe thoroughly the hardware, software and space requirements)
Other Requirements:
Other Comments:
I have full rights to submit this work in my name – please sign here: ______________

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