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Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers


On the Impact of Chat Communication on Computer-Supported Idea Generation Processes

Florian Forster, Marc René Frieß, Michele Brocco and Georg Groh

Quantifying Humorous Lexical Incongruity

Chris Venour, Chris Mellish and Graeme Ritchie

Using Discovered, Polyphonic Patterns to Filter Computer-generated Music

Tom Collins, Robin Laney, Alistair Willis and Paul Garthwaite

Domain Bridging Associations Support Creativity

Tobias Koetter, Kilian Thiel and Michael Berthold

Bisociative Knowledge Discovery for Microarray Data Analysis

Igor Mozetic, Nada Lavrac, Vid Podpecan, Petra Kralj Novak, Helena Motaln, Marko Petek, Kristina Gruden, Hannu Toivonen and Kimmo Kulovesi

Realtime Generation of Harmonic Progressions Using Controlled Markov Selection

Arne Eigenfeldt and Philippe Pasquier

Measuring Creativity in Software Design

Courtney Nelson, Bradley Brummel, Frank Grove, Noah Jorgenson, Rose Gamble and Sandip Sen

On Two Desiderata for Creativity Support Tools

Wai Yeap, Tommi Opas and Narges Mahyar

A Fractal Approach towards Visual Analogy

Keith McGreggor, Maithilee Kunda and Ashok Goel

Live Coding Towards Computational Creativity

Alex McLean and Geraint Wiggins

Learning to Create Jazz Melodies Using Deep Belief Nets

Gregory Bickerman, Sam Bosley, Peter Swire and Robert Keller

Story Generation at the Meta-Level through Social Interaction

Carlos León and Pablo Gervás

Towards Analogy-Based Story Generation

Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontanon

Establishing Appreciation in a Creative System

David Norton, Derrall Heath and Dan Ventura

Elementary Social Interactions and Their Effects on Creativity: A Computational Simulation

Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza and John S. Gero

Defining Creativity: Finding Keywords for Creativity Using Corpus Linguistics Techniques

Anna Jordanous

Clap-along: A Negotiation Strategy for Creative Musical Interaction with Computational Systems

Michael Young and Oliver Bown

The Evolution of Fun: Automatic Level Design for 2D Platformers

Nathan Sorenson and Philippe Pasquier

Development of Techniques for the Computational Modelling of Harmony

Raymond Whorley, Geraint Wiggins, Christophe Rhodes and Marcus Pearce

Metaheuristic Search and the Creative Process

Kyle Jennings

Constructing Conceptual Spaces for Novel Associations

Kazjon Grace, Rob Saunders and John Gero

Real-Time Emotion-Driven Music Engine

Alex Rodríguez López, António Pedro Oliveira and Amílcar Cardoso

MEXICA-Impro: A Computational Model for Narrative Improvisation

Rafael Perez y Perez, Santiago Negrete, Eduardo Peñaloza, Vicente Castellanos, Rafael Ávila and Christian Lemaitre

A Fitness Function for Creativity in Jazz Improvisation and Beyond

Anna Jordanous

On the Role of Metaphor in Creative Cognition

Bipin Indurkhya

Evolving Expression of Emotions through Color in Virtual Humans using Genetic Algorithms

Celso de Melo and Jonathan Gratch

Automatic Generation of Music  for Inducing Emotive Response

Kristine Perry, Tony Martinez and Dan Ventura

Tabla Gyan: An Artificial Tabla Improviser

Alex Rae and Parag Chordia

A Step Towards the Evolution of Visual Languages

Penousal Machado and Henrique Nunes

Experiments in Objet Trouve Browsing

Simon Colton, Jeremy Gow, Pedro Torres and Paul Cairns

Automated Collage Generation - With Intent

Anna Krzeczkowska, Simon Colton, Stephen Clark and Jad El-Hage

Using Analogies to Find and Evaluate Mathematical Conjectures

Alison Pease, Markus Guhe and Alan Smaill

Curious Whispers: An Embodied Artificial Creative System

Rob Saunders, Petra Gemeinboeck, Adrian Lombard, Dan Bourke and A. Baki Kocabali
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Late Registrations: Jan. 3, 2010

Conference: Jan. 7-9, 2010

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