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Show & Tell

Show & Tell is a showcase of Computational Creativity to be held in the context of ICCC-X, the first international conference on this theme, devoted to:

- the demonstration of computational systems exhibiting behaviour which would be deemed creative in humans;

- the exhibition of artefacts produced by systems with such characteristics.

The Show & Tell will be held in a dedicated space, where the accepted systems and artefacts will be in exhibition. Each exhibited work will be accompanied by a poster describing conceptual and technical information such as computational implementation details, how to use and interpret the artefacts, engineering innovations which have been required in order to implement the system, etc.

Authors will also have a slot reserved for oral presentation in the main conference room, during a session dedicated to the S&T. The goal of this brief presentation is not to present the system/artefact in detail, but rather to give a glimse into the participants' research that will attract delegates for a more detailed presentation and discussion around the actual system/artefact and respective poster. 

Accepted contributions will have an abstract included in the conference proceedings.


Instructions about the submission procedure: here



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Important Dates:

Late Registrations: Jan. 3, 2010

Conference: Jan. 7-9, 2010

Sponsored by:


European Coordinating Committee
for Artificial Intelligence

in Cooperation with


Association for the Advancement
of Artificial Intelligence